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Sioux Falls Attorneys Kaufhold & Dix Partner with Skyforce on Patented Moves

Sioux Falls Attorneys Kaufhold & Dix Recognize the Patented Moves of Skyforce Basketball

Kaufhold and Dix Patent Law believes in the power of invention which is why we have partnered with the Sioux Falls Skyforce basketball team of the NBA G League to highlight the unique patented moves of the Skyforce players. The sponsorship includes a series of videos titled “Patented Moves” that have appeared on the video scoreboard during the team’s home games.

Sean Kaufhold, our founding partner at Kaufhold and Dix Patent Law, has always been energized by the Sioux Falls Skyforce, an NBA affiliate of the Miami Heat, because the squad has managed to remain a consistent contender every season and they have won multiple championships to prove it.

According to Kaufhold, the Skyforce players are loyal to the team and tend to remain in the organization for several years, which gives it a small, home town vibe. The creative partnership between the Sioux Falls Skyforce and our Sioux Falls attorneys at Kaufhold and Dix Patent Law playfully recognizes unofficial patents for the unique moves performed on the basketball court.

Some of the featured Skyforce players with patented moves include Raphiael Putney (the Chase Down Block) and Rodney Purvis (the Right to Left Cross Over). We are proud to set the benchmark for intellectual property protection and representation in the Upper Midwest region and beyond.


Raphiael Putney "Patented Move": The Chase Down Block


Rodney Purvis "Patented Move": The Right to Left Cross Over


Patents In Sports

Sports have become a big business globally. As such, the protection of intellectual property in the world of sports is a necessity. Everything from patents on sports equipment to registered trademarks on logos and slogans is of critical importance to companies in the sports industry.

Patents are useful in protecting your inventions from being manufactured, sold and used by others unless they have your permission. The intellectual property protection allows you to stake your claim to the rights, revenue, and benefits associated with exploiting your invention.

How Kaufhold and Dix Can Help Inventors

Patent protection is only limited to what you claim in the patent application. Consequently, it is crucial that your application is prepared correctly to include all the necessary information and minute details that position your invention as new, useful, and non-obvious.

While you can file your patent application without any help from a professional; this is not a good idea. Any incomplete or improper description and disclosure of your invention can result in minimal or no protection even if the patent is ultimately granted at all. Writing a patent application is an extremely complex and technical undertaking that should only be performed by a skilled professional having years of practice both with writing patent applications and handling their prosecution with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Our skilled and experienced Sioux Falls attorneys can help you write and prosecute your patent application to ensure that your invention is protected within the available patent period.

At Kaufhold and Dix Patent Law, we offer a free initial patent consultation and a flat fee structure. Contact our Sioux Falls attorneys at 605-334-1571 or our Twin Cities office at 612-216-1161 to schedule your free initial appointment. You can also fill out our online form to contact us at either of our South Dakota or Minnesota offices.


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